5 Best Marketing Campaigns in India

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5 Best Marketing Campaigns in India

Marketing campaigns have their way of imprinting the message on the purchase that we make. Be it, Coca Cola or Maggi. Subconsciously, we just know just what to get for ourselves.  Now, this is what makes companies memorable. They make efforts and drive the consumers towards the desired action by giving their brand a separate identity, name, and emotion connected.

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The best marketing campaigns follow a particular direction and a consistent theme to promote its brand to reach the goal. This involves trying to reach the consumers attaching a message to it to cater to the emotions of the Indian audience.


1. Maggi Relaunch campaign


Someway Maggi has been etched to the hearts of every 90’s kid and has always been a family-centric campaign.  After the very moving, Maggi ban, it’s a comeback as the nostalgic campaign is one of the strongest marketing campaigns as the brand reached the top as quickly as it could be.


2. Amul Marketing Campaign

We all know nothing ever has been able to beat the banners of Amul. It’s attractive art and catchy puns are one of the reasons it is still one of the best marketing campaigns in India. Their ability to be consistent and always bring out something new with the trend has made it truly famous and a success. 

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3. Fevicol – #TodoNahiJodo

In the ICC world cup 2015, India vs Pakistan cricket match, the campaign unites the two conventional rivals with its unique strategy of showing the rivalry of two soldiers at a border, adds a human touch between the two rivals.


4. Lifebuoy Marketing Campaign


Lifebuoy and its children-centric campaigns make it very trustworthy for the parents. Their brand idea is to concentrate on trying to promote their brand to the kids who go out to play and come home dirty. Their campaign may not be the greatest but very consistent in sending out their desired message to the consumers.


5. Vodafone Zoozoos


On number 5, we have the Vodafone ZooZoos. Vodafone ZooZoos that were introduced in a TV ad campaign had become one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time. Rebranded from Hutch, Vodafone with its ZooZoos campaign beat the famous pug in Hutch, to put out higher brand awareness.


 Tell us your favorite Marketing Campaign!

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Content By: Olivia Rabha

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