B2B Marketing Strategies: Guide to Win your Customers

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B2B Marketing Strategies: Guide to Win your Customers

You cannot just play any game without proper b2b marketing strategies. Similarly, the entire marketplace is a battlefield where all the companies are trying to reach out to the maximum crowd and attract them.  So without a proper strategy, if you enter, there is a lot of chances that you will fail.

B2B marketing has always been altogether a different game. Here you do not focus on an individual basis, but you try to catch the eyes and attention of large business organizations where you would like to sell your product/service. 

So, all that matters is a properly planned strategy whose execution will bring you the results.

STRATEGY is a holistic term that is the coagulative collection of all the minute details. While developing a B2B marketing strategy, a lot of things are given importance.


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Points which must be considered for
Creating an Effective B2B Marketing Strategy


The following will be the points that you have to go through in each and every phase of your strategy. The traditional marketing has now changed into today’s so-called digital marketing. So, the base of your plan would be your business Website.


Some important factors for effective B2B Marketing Strategies


Important factors for effective B2B Marketing Strategis

1. Business Website


Whenever it comes to getting some information regarding anything, users go for an online search. According to statistics, 93% of the experiences a customer has over the online digital platforms which begin with a search. Therefore, having a business website is the preliminary condition of doing business. You cannot just expect your customers to know you out of nowhere. So, the Website plays a vital role. It acts as a link between you and your customers. It defines you and your business operations.


Information that you should publish on your Website:


You cannot just put anything and everything on your Website. Always put the relevant information and maintain clarity in it so that it helps your 

customers to take further action. Your information should help them to remove any kind of dilemma that they might have before coming to your Website. 


Having a fully informative website will actually help your customers to visit again and also further recommendation is possible. Your job doesn’t end at just creating a website and putting contents on it. The most important part about it is Optimization.


Optimizing your Website is the most essential and periodic part of your B2B marketing strategy. Your business cannot provide your customers with redundant information and which they actually don’t need. So, you need to update your Website according to the needs and current market trends of the business scenario. Providing them with the information which they are looking for can eventually enhance your SEO performance. According to statistics, if everything falls into a proper place, then SEO drives a 14.6% conversion rate for your business.


2. Social Media Marketing


There comes a robust platform on which your business just cannot miss out. In today’s rapidly changing world of digitalization, your business needs to have a social media presence. A majority of your customers and business partners are present online, which helps you to engage with them online and this is cost-effective, and also engaging through social media helps you to reach out to a broader audience.

Social Media Marketing follows a plan and is not abrupt at all. It, too, follows a particular strategy. The very first thing that you need to do is decide your objective whether you are going to do lead generation or building brand awareness. So accordingly, you need to formulate your plan.


Secondly, you have to decide at which social media platform your customers are present. Try to reach out to your customers through a channel where they are comfortable with investing time on you, or else you might miss out on an opportunity.

As there are pros for social media marketing, there are cons as well. Your social media page defines you and your brand, and if you fail to meet the customer requirements, then it will harm your Brand Image.


Social Media Tools boosts the B2B marketing strategies


Most popular social media tools

 Tools for Effective Social Media Marketing Management

  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuit
  3. Meet Edgar
  4. Sendible 

Remember, one thing that everyone on social media will not be your prospect. Try to follow and know your customers through research that will help you to understand their online practices and how relevant they are for your business and reach out to them accordingly. Creating a positive impact on your customers will help them to refer you to other people.


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While going for Social Media marketing, one may try to follow the 80-20 rule, which states that 80% of the content should be emphasizing on providing information and entertainment to your customers. In contrast, only 20% of your content should focus on promotion and advertising your company. Though this percentage might not work regularly, and the percentage proportion will vary from business to business. So, try to get down the perfect strategy that will work for your company when it comes to Social Media marketing.


Social Media Marketing plays a very vital role in growing your Brand Awareness, and some companies have taken advantage of this very fact to attract customers and drive revenues. According to statistics, Facebook was launched in September 2006 and crossed 2 billion monthly active users in the second quarter of 2017. This is how Social Media can boost your brand as most of your customers are present online.


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Generate Leads for your Business


3. Content Marketing


Further comes one of the essential tools that you can use effectively to cut through all the complexities a customer might have. Content gives you a platform to introduce yourself and further establishes your presence. But when it comes to Content Marketing, it too follows a defined strategy. Just writing and writing won’t help your business. 

You need to determine the objective of your content. What are you expecting from your customers, after going through your content? Your content should carry a consistent message that you want to convey to your customers. When going for content, always give priority to Quality over Quantity as putting ten posts with relevant information is far better than putting 100 posts that don’t serve any purpose. Try to figure out what your customers are looking for and how your business can provide them with the desired solution.


Awesome Tips for Content Marketing


  1. Identify the needs of your target audience to get the content ideas
  2. Keep your content short, simple and powerful
  3. Use visuals and graphics for added impact
  4. Don’t forget the product reviews and testimonials

Your content will not be able to solve everyone’s problem as everyone won’t be looking for similar solutions, but what you should make sure is that whoever is looking for your content, it at least creates value for them. Your content should always carry the relevant factor; otherwise, people will just scroll down through the post and won’t consider it as a valuable piece of information. 


Also, remember that you cannot generalize your content for all the platforms. There is platform-specific content. Suppose when you write content for your Website, it will be long and much more informative. In contrast, when you write content posts for other social media platforms, then it will be short yet carry the necessary information.


Try to write your content in a more specific manner so that your audience can easily relate to them. While reading your content, your audience should feel that as if they are interacting with you. Do not use much of the jargon; try to explain your points in as simple words as possible. Always maintain consistency in your content and do manage them periodically. Measure and analyze the results that you are getting from social media, as this further helps you to strengthen your content marketing strategy. So, an effective content writing plan will help your business to generate leads and better conversion rates.


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4. Video Marketing


This is one of the B2B marketing strategies that helps you to reach out to your customers and generate leads. Often when it comes to brands, video content is much preferred over any other medium. You can record a video of the information you want to share and put it across the various platforms to reach out to a greater audience.

But it too follows a strategy which will help your business to enhance the growth. There are multiple kinds of video content based on your objective. When you try to establish your brand presence, then the type of video content will be much different from the one where you will try to make demo videos for your products, demonstrating the way how they are used.


4 Different kinds of Video Content


  1. You can record a video of an expert in your organization to establish the fact of how your business is going to help the target audience.
  2. You can also come up with a different version, such as animated videos. These will provide better information along with some entertainment.
  3. You can also Go Live and have a one to one interaction with your audience and utilize the opportunity of engaging with your customer base and get their reactions on a real-time basis.
  4. You can also create personalized videos to respond to someone’s question. This will have a better impact on the minds of your customers as they would realize the fact that you are investing your time and effort in answering their queries and questions.

3 Things to keep in mind Before recording your Video

  1. You need to decide the objective of your video and a particular plan for that, according to which you will move further.
  2. You have to write a proper script for your video, which will be easier for you while shooting.
  3. The setup for cameras and video recording must be appropriate. The high-quality audio setup helps to record the sound accurately and cameras with high shutter speed and better focus. 

Remember that if the quality of your video, the proper background, the lighting mix is not following a standard, then it won’t help you to engage your customers effectively even if the content is excellent.

So, attention needs to be paid to this part as it’s going to play an essential role in the mind of the customers. Once the shooting is done for your video, then you have to sit for editing, which is a mandatory part of any video recording as it helps to remove the unnecessary clips in the video. Finally, record the voice over if required.


The overall process takes place with a proper plan before the video content goes on the online platforms, and a slight error in any of the above steps will ruin all your effort by not bringing the amount of response you were anticipating.


After you are done with the video content making process, you need to upload it to appropriate platforms for optimal response. Some of the video uploading platforms.


Artboard 201 -


Most suitable video uploading platforms for businesses

Top Video Hosting Platforms for Businesses

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Vidyard

Once you have completed the above processes, you need to measure the achievement of the goals. This will give you a clear indication of whether your video content marketing strategy was apt or not. And further analyze the results, so that you can optimize your plan accordingly. Some of the measurement metrics are- number of views, number of comments and sharing, etc. So, measuring is an essential component of your strategy as without measuring your results, you will never be able to enhance your business growth.


5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Whenever your customers go online to search for something, they are directed to particular sites based on the keywords that they type. Here we can understand the importance of keywords. SEO helps to increase the value of the content that you write. The chances of your visibility will depend on how much effort you put for the SEO.


For the organizations that would do business with your company, they would like to know if you are reliable or not and how consistent are you when it comes to delivering your product or service.  For this, there comes comparison, and your customers would search according to their needs, and if your presence is not optimized correctly in the search engine, then you might lose a prospective client. So, SEO plays an essential role in B2B business marketing.



Why you can’t Ignore SEO?


  1. According to statistics, 61% of any decision-maker will take their decision first, starting with a web search.
  2. 77% of B2B purchasers say that they don’t like to interact with any salesperson or address any sales call until and unless they have done their respective research.
  3. Also, B2B Brands who write articles and blogs on social media and their Website tend to generate 67% more than those who don’t.
  4. You can determine the ranking of your Website in comparison to your competitors so that you can design your plan accordingly and have better search results.
  5. It increases the value of your content. With every relevant content going online, SEO increases its value so that your buyers can associate a trust and reliability factor with your brand. Without SEO, your article won’t get that number of viewers as there is a lot of content already online. So, use this tool optimally.
  6. Your business value also increases over the phone also as the mobile search differs from that of the computer search. 
Mobile SEO is also an important part for B2B Marketing Strategies


Some tips for better Mobile SEO

Some Tips for Better Mobile SEO

  1. Long-tail keywords are essential on mobile phones.
  2. The loading time should be minimized
  3. Make the CTA easily visible and accessible by the users.

These are the points that will help you to develop and optimize your SEO over mobile phones. Above are the reasons why a B2B business cannot miss out on using SEO as a tool.


Generate Leads for your Business


SEO Strategies for Lead Generation


  1. Firstly, optimize your business website and the content that you write there. While optimizing your site take the below-mentioned points into consideration :
    # Use relevant keywords that will help your business to gain better search results. In this competitive market, you need to come up with a larger number of keywords that will help your business to get recognized easily in the search results.
    Using long-tail keywords is something you should focus on, as this brings on clarity in your search results. This way, whenever a customer searches you online with specific details, they will be directly driven to your Website, further helping you with lead generation.
  2. Try to mention necessary local details regarding your business, such as location details. This will help your business to get located quickly through an online search.
  3. Try to get reviews of the customers of your business product/services as reviews help a lot when a new customer is trying to go for your product. They generally go through the reviews and take their further decision.
  4. Write blog posts and optimize them accordingly. Writing blog posts helps your Website to gain enough value, and also it helps your customers with relevant information. While publishing your blogs, try to use keywords that are relevant to your business.
  5. Always try to improve the loading speed of your Website. Remember the customers who are searching for you online wouldn’t be having patience. So, the first one to get to them has a high chance of converting them to their potential customers. So, working on speed is very necessary.
  6. Always make your social presence is a relevant one. Posting with consistency helps to get recognized easily on online search results.

There is no doubt SEO plays a vital role. You might have written well-informed posts, but with better SEO, your customers will find it easy to see you.


6. Email Marketing


This is again a fundamental strategy, but often B2B business fails to use it optimally.  This is sending your prospects messages regarding the details of your products or services and making them informed about your business activities and how they can solve the problem your respective customers are facing.


Email Marketing Techniques for effective B2B Marketing Strategies


Most important Email Marketing Techniques

Some Email Marketing Techniques

  1. Monthly Newsletters
  2. Notifications regarding a Webinar
  3. Blog Newsletters
  4. Information regarding launching of some new e-book

Strategies to use Email Marketing for your B2B Business

  1. Try to send personalized messages
  2. Before sending your email, always segment your audience according to their needs. This will help them to fall under a category, and your business solutions will be given importance.
  3. Encouraging your customers to reply is very important. Remember just sending the email will not do the job until and unless you get their reply and feedback. So that accordingly, you can optimize your Email strategy.
  4. And most importantly, don’t just keep on writing and writing. Make it appropriate and meaningful within fewer words. Try to provide them with the information in minimum words as often long emails go unread.

With a proper email strategy, your customers will always be in touch with you. Just keep pace with the changing trends. Most of the time, businesses often try to go for a jump and don’t consider email marketing as a viable option, whereas email marketing has its advantages. 


Why Email Marketing is still Important?


  1. It will make your customers feel that you personally value them and also further it will build a sense of trust.
  2. Email marketing provides you with a chance to interact with your customers personally and get their opinions in person.
  3. It not only helps you to attract new customers and generate leads but also helps your business to maintain a relationship with your past customers.
  4. According to statistics, more than 34% of the world’s population uses email.
  5. It is cost-effective. Email marketing campaigns are economics and give you the desired results without much investment.
  6. Emails also make your customers take quicker action than other mediums.

Once your business is into Email marketing, you need to measure and analyze your results as only then your business would be able to do the required modification to the strategy. Therefore, Email marketing is one of the effective strategies for B2B businesses.

Apart from all the strategies mentioned above, there are some other strategies which are not preferred much but have a significant advantage. These can be called Traditional B2B marketing strategies.


Important Traditional B2B Marketing Strategies


Don’t Ignore these Traditional B2B Marketing Strategies

 Traditional B2B Marketing Strategies


  1. Paid Media
  2. Word of Mouth
  3. Event Marketing
  4. Account-Based Marketing

All the marketing campaigns work only with a proper strategy. With an effective strategy, you will be able to locate the loopholes in your plans, and you can work accordingly. An appropriate B2B marketing strategy gives a direction to your growth. With the practical measurement, you will be able to optimize your strategy accordingly, which is a necessary part of any marketing plan.


Bonus Tip: Even before formulating your Strategy, answer these questions

  1. The objective
  2. Defining your Target Audience
  3. Segmenting them according to demographics and other factors
  4. Finding the Right Platform

Once you have generated leads through your marketing strategy, always follow them up, or else you might lose them. Nurture those customer relationships and help them through all the stages until they reach the final buying stage and become your potential customers. This helps you to complete and close the deal, and you will further be able to enhance your B2B business growth.

Hope this article is helpful to you. For such more information register yourself on our website.


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