Generated 100+ leads including leads from Wipro and Accenture for an IT industry client

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About Our Client

  • Industry: Information and Technology Services
  • Turning software ideas into reality by providing services like mobile app development, blockchain solutions, hire developers.
  • Target Audience: Decision makers (CEO, Co-founder, founder, Owner, Director) of Real estate, hospitality, travel and transport businesses

Their Business Problems

  • Unable to generate high quality leads
  • Low sales conversion due to low quality of leads
  • Zero credibility and trust among target audience
  • Unknown in the targeted industry

Their Business Objectives 

  • Generate high quality organic leads 
  • Build expert image in the target audience
  • Increase conversion rate for business growth

How Brand Samosa Helped?

  • Build content marketing strategy to reach out to the target audience
  • Analysed specific industry problems and ran out reach campaign
  • Rolled out personalised messages to target audience for generating leads
  • Created content around trending topics for building brand awareness
  • Engaged in proper content distribution among potential customers to gain trust
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Results We Achieved

Through our strategic content marketing campaigns we were able to generate 100+ leads including leads from top companies.

Also, our client’s post ranked trending for #technology.

Got leads from top companies like:

  1. Wipro
  2. Accenture
  3. OYO
  4. Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Trending for #Technology

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Profile views increased by 65%

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Connections increased by 74%

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Followers increased by 74%

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LinkedIn Company Page followers increased by 70%

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