Generated 25+ leads from International Decor Companies in just 2 months!

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Generated 25+ leads from International Decor Companies in just 2 months!

About Our Client

  • Industry: Manufacturing and Home Decor Retail

  • Provides home decor manufacturing for various decor companies

  • Target Audience: Home Decor industry and Speciality Stores (Product Development, Senior Buyers, Sourcing Officers)

Their Business Problems

  • Lack of Brand Awareness among Foreign Target Audience

  • Unable to build Foreign Demand for their products

  • Low Expert Image in the targeted industry

  • No Brand Authority and lack of trust among potential customers 

Their Business Objectives 

  • Build Tie Ups and Relationships with abroad retailers

  • Generate Leads from international customers

  • Build Expert Image by boosting social media presence

How Brand Samosa Helped?

  • Built Their Social Media Presence from scratch!

  • Built Marketing & Outreach Strategy for Reaching out to Customers

  • Analysed and Targeted industry specific abroad retailers for lead generation

  • Ran Content Marketing Campaigns for reviving social media presence

  • Generated High Intent Leads by sending personalized messages 

  • Created Valuable and engaging content to Build an Expert Image in the industry

  • Distributed Targeted Content for relationship building with potential customers

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Results We Achieved

 Leads Generated From Abroad:

Through our effective and efficient strategies, we were able to generate a total 35+ leads for our client from which 25+ leads were from abroad in just 8 weeks!

Here are some of the countries we generated leads from: 

  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Madrid, Spain
  • New York, USA
  • London, U.K
  • Penryn, U.K
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Denmark 

Examples of Leads We Generated

week 5 07 -
week 5 06 -
week 5 08 -

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Profile Growth In 90 Days

Due to aggressive content marketing and outbound marketing including sending out personalised messages, we were able to boost their profile reach and brand awareness.

The followers were increased by 64%

graph1 -

The profile views were increased by 40%

graph 2 -

The connections were increased by 63%

graph 3 -

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