How We Helped an IT Company Generate Leads?

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How We Helped an IT Company Generate Leads?



Our client is helping consumers make Smart Food Choices by S-i-m-p-l-i-f-y-i-n-g Nutrition Information on Food Labels. (We created this tagline)




The main objective of our client of Building Brand on LinkedIn was:


  1. Brand Awareness: They wanted to spread awareness about the LabelBlind solution both at the consumer and businesses.
  2. Connect with various stake-holders in B2B space: They wanted to reach out to food manufacturers, marketing decision-makers, influencers, etc. in the industry to engage them in thought leadership.
  3. Test the product offering: Build customized solutions around consumer and employee engagement using nutrition, health, and well-being as the pillar strategy.|

How did we help?

 We worked out an innovative and viable strategy. Here is a summary of what we designed and implemented: 

  1. Defining their Brand/Value Proposition: We decided to Market & Brand their business as food label specialists – someone simplifying the complex and very critical information.
  2. Identifying and Engaging their target audience: We decided to reach out to brands active in health and wellness space, consumer responsible (banks and insurance), and thought leaders/experts in the domain. Engaging with them to generate discussions around nutrition, food labels and wellness was the objective.
  3. Growing/Building the Network of Targeted Prospects: We helped them grow their network from 1580 Followers to 2164 Followers by adding 584 Numbers of Followers in a span of just 1 month. The focus was to specifically target countries and decision-makers in the target markets. 
  4. Researching and Posting Regular Content: We researched and produced regular content that resonated with the audience and generated very high views/awareness. Our posts resulted in 100+ comments and inquiries.
  5. Direct Messages to Generate Leads/meetings: Since most of our target audience (top executives and decision-makers) weren’t very active on LinkedIn, we adopted a direct message strategy to reach out to them. Carefully drafted series of messages resulted in 50+ leads within the first month
  6. Audience Engagement: People love talking to people. So we built and optimized the personal profile of their founder. Heavy one to one engagement the network helped us build trust and relationships with the audience. This directly resulted in leads. The relationships that are being built with this strategy are going to help them explore many more ventures even outside of the current objective.



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