Generated Leads From International Sports League For Apparel Industry

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Generated Leads From International Sports League For Apparel Industry!

About our Client

  • Industry: Clothing Retail and Merchandise
  • Provides customized sportswear and merchandise for sports clubs, corporates and institutions 
  • Targeted Audience: Sports Clubs/Groups (owner, CEO, Purchase Managers), Corporates (CEOs, CHROs, HR managers), Schools/Colleges (Principals, Directors, sports in-charge)

      Their Business Problems

      • Less Active Potential Buyers on LinkedIn
      • Unable to Showcase themselves as a Quality Brand 
      • Unable to Generate Demand for their New Products
      • Not able to Receive Regular Orders for their products 

      Their Business Objectives 

      • Increase their brand awareness for the new products
      • Market their product effectively for better reach
      • Generate Leads for their Sportswear Business

      How Brand Samosa Helped?

      • Built Content Marketing Strategy to Generate Demand for the Product 
      • Analysed & Targeted the High Intent Audience for the Product 
      • Ran Outreach Campaign to Targeted Audience for Lead Generation
      • Used Industry-Specific Strategy for generating quality leads 
      • Retained older clients with consistent engagement
      • Engaging Content for relationship building with the potential customer

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        Results We Achieved

        With this strategy, we were able to increase their brand awareness and new products marketing effectively by generating 20+ leads from Megacorps and International Sports Leagues!

        Leads generated  from Megacorps.

        Through our targeted outreach and content marketing strategy, we were able to get the eyeballs from the following companies for clothing and merchandise business from:

        • PepsiCo.
        • OYO
        • LG Electronics

        image 21 -

        Leads Generated from International Sports Leagues: 

        Despite less-active potential buyers on LinkedIn. We were able to generate leads for our clients from:

        • Manchester Cricket League, U.K
        • Men’s Rugby League, U.K.
        • Al Hilal Sports Club, Switzerland
        • Cricket South Africa
        • Women’s Coaching Association, Australia

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        Leads Generated From Outreach: 

        High quality lead
        High quality lead
        High quality lead
        High quality lead

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