Helping a Fashion Business in Lead Generation

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Helping a Fashion Business in Lead Generation

In today’s digital era, businesses are striving for their brands to get noticed by the audience. One of our clients faced a similar situation. Let’s see how we helped her out of her misery. This blog shows Brand Samosa helping a Fashion Business Consultant in Lead Generation.

Client details: She is a Fashion business strategist and growth consultant who mentors fashion businesses and professionals to grow their businesses and career.

In other words, she guides professionals in improving profitability, providing global visibility and choosing the right

 niche in the industry.

Industry: Fashion Consulting

Objective: To build brand authority and generate leads

Target audience: Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Founders/CEO, Bloggers

challenges in lead generation

  1. Lack of Brand Authority: There was a lack of trust and level of doubtfulness among her customers for her brand.
  2. Low Expert’s image: She has been a huge success in the fashion industry, however the same hasn’t reflected in her social media presence.
  3. Lack of Awareness: Most of the people were not aware of her brand and the services she provides.

How did we help our Client?

helping in lead generation


First and Foremost, we build a strategy for her brand which included researching, creating and posting content. This, in turn, helped her in finding and connecting to the potential customers.

  1. Profile building:
    After creating a feasible strategy, we started building a profile of our client that featured her skills and expertise in her domain. Moreover, the entire campaign was run on LinkedIn.
  2. Targeting potential customers:
    Once her profile was set, the potential customers were targeted by increasing customer interactions through her LinkedIn page. Subsequently, that helped her grow her network.
  3. Content marketing:
    Creating and distributing content is an important aspect of a marketing campaign. So we published the content related to her expertise and domain in order to increase awareness and build the image. The main focus of content was the target audience.
  4. Customer engagement:
    We worked on one to one engagement with the targeted customers through her profile. Consequently, it provides benefit in building trust for the brand as well as a positive relationship with the customers.
  5. Lead generation:
    At last, connecting and engaging with the right audience, creating and distributing content, building trust and relationships directly resulted in high-quality lead generation for our client.

    Results achieved by us

Profile growth


  • The followers increased from 167 to 4976
  • The connections increased from 240 to 2882
  • The profile views increased from 150 to 2001.


Promised results: To start generating leads after 5 or 6 weeks.


Results achieved:


We generated 150+ high quality leads in 7 months, which means on an average, 20 leads per month! (Over- achieved)



Most of the leads were for gaining expertise in expanding their businesses.

Leads were generated from Entrepreneurs, Founders, Fashion bloggers, influencers and many more.


And that’s how helping a Fashion Business Consultant in Lead Generation turned out! (Yay!)


How does it work?


To sum up, the level of trust and relationship that is built with the target customers through this strategy results in the lead generation for our clients.


In addition, it helps our clients to reach beyond the set objectives.


Results speak for themselves!

fashion lead generation


result of lead generation

Some of the Leads We Generated For Our Clients


fashion consultant lead generation


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