How we Generated 50+ B2B Leads in a Month​

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How we Generated 50+ B2B Leads in a Month​

Client Details: They are helping Real Estate, Hospitality, Travel & Transport businesses in turning their software/mobile app ideas into reality. People can also hire developers, designers, and QAs from their large pool of verified and trusted professionals


Industry: Information & Technology

Objective: Build Brand & Generate Leads For Their Company

Target Audience: CIOs/CTOs, Delivery/Development manager, Founders/CEOs

What Problems Were They Facing?


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1. Not Considered as Domain Expert

They were not able to showcase their work and build their brand


2. Lack of B2B Leads

They were not able to generate enough B2B Leads for their business. It was difficult for them to reach out to the right decision-maker in an organization.

How Did Brand Samosa Help Them?

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1. Strategy

We built a strategy for their brand understanding their products, offerings & the market. We suggested to them the target audience they should be focusing more on and where they can target them?


2. Connecting with the Right Customers


After the Strategy Creation, we started connecting with the target audience & penetrating into the market we decided. We ran this campaign entirely on LinkedIn.


3. Brand Building


Once they were connected with the right target audience, we started creating high-value industry-specific content for their target audience that helped them build an image of an Expert.

The content was specifically for the target audience and revolve around their problems & needs and also solves those problems.


4. Content Distribution


Creating content was not enough. It is important that it reaches to the right people and make a difference in their life.

We used different techniques to distribute the content to their target audience and reach & attract more potential clients for them.


5. Lead Generation


Connecting with the RIGHT target audience, creating content, distributing the content and attracting more viewers to their profiles & business page helped us generate high-quality B2B Leads for our clients.


OVER-ACHIEVED Promised Results




Promised Results-Connect/ engage with the Target Audience and Generate Leads from 6th Week onwards


Results Achieved

  • In ONLY 3 weeks, we generated 15+ High-quality B2B Leads. {  Over-Achieved }
  • Leads Generated from CEOs, CTOs, Managing Partners of the companies like ITI Mutual Funds, RedApple, Appirio, GreyAtom, Windrose Capital, etc.


Profile Growth

  • The number of Profile views increased by 63.9%
  • The number of Connections increased by 84%
  • The number of Followers increased by 83%
  • The Number of Search Appearances increased by 160

How it will help? When someone comes to the profile they read about the person. Our team strategically builds the profile of our clients so that the profile act as a Lead Generation Machine for their business.

The number of people coming to the profile and engaging with the post we create is directly proportionate to the number of leads generated. The more people come to your profile, The more leads are generated.


Here are the results we delivered:


Results -

Generate -

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