Proven: The Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads Using Your Website

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Proven: The Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads Using Your Website

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Making website visitors interested in your business enough so that they fill up their contact info in your forms is one of the hardest things to achieve while designing a website for B2B lead generation. Most companies face a lot of difficulties as they are unsure where to begin and how to begin. 

A report from Marketo states that “61% of B2B marketers cite generating high-quality leads as their No. 1 challenge.” This is because lead generation through traditional methods like print ads comes to no use in this digital era. 

That is why more and more marketers and B2B agencies turn to online marketing as means of sales and lead generation. 


We at Brand Samosa also use effective digital marketing strategies for lead generation for our clients. That is why we are considered one of the best lead generation marketing agency in India.


What is the main source of online leads?

It is no other source than your website. It starts all with your website! 


Not having a website in this day and age can make it impossible for you to generate leads online. Your website should be your primary source of all your future lead generation marketing strategies.


You should have a fully optimized website so that the traffic which is driven by your website should easily be converted into leads. These people are converted as they have provided their info on your website to contact you and learn more about you.


3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Here are 3 tactics you can use to increase your website traffic.

1. Blogging

B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. (Source: HubSpot)

Effective blog posts include your target keywords to help your blog rank in the search engine for better reach. These are even useful for sharing on social media for increasing engagement and generating more traffic to your website.

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2. Social Media Marketing

Everything online is linked to one another. You can engage with viewers on social media platforms by commenting, sharing content, and messaging them. Ultimately, with social media help, you can direct these prospects to your website to further engage with them.


3. Email Marketing

Like social media marketing, email marketing is also an essential tool in driving people to your website to learn more about you. Sending helpful, informative emails about your new blog or an ebook will drive them to your website to read that content.

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47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Source: HubSpot)


These tactics will increase the quantity and quality of the traffic on your website if implemented properly.


3 ways to improve your website for online lead generation.

To increase the leads generated through your website, you first need to improve your website’s conversion rate. Website optimization is the key when it comes to increasing your leads and conversion rate.


Here are three ways to optimize and generate leads through your website:


1. Add Good Amount of Social Proofing (Case Studies and Testimonials)

Your website visitors won’t trust you unless you build that trust with proof for them. They will want to see how successful you have been in the past with your clients. By adding testimonials, you give your visitors social proof that the customers before them have been happy with your product or service. It adds validation to your business. 


The social proofing concept is all psychological. It means if people see others doing something and being successful through that, they ought to try for themselves. 


The average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision.

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2. Add basic CTA wherever possible.

Proper CTA lets your viewers know exactly what they need to do after they have gathered all the information from your website. You don’t have to bombard your visitors with countless pops ups; this will irritate and drive them away. Try adding one of these CTAs on your website to engage further with your viewers:

call to action examples -

  • Subscribe to updates

Often your website visitors are not ready to make a purchase when they first find your website. You need to teach them there are no commitments on their part. They have to subscribe to an email that notifies them about industry trends and product updates.


You can personally follow up with the people who subscribe to this mailing list and attract their attention to turn them into qualified leads eventually.


  • Check out this free trial

Free trials and demos help you generate more demands for your business and create a contact list of prospects interested in a product or service.

From this CTA, you can collect your visitor’s information, and by the end of the free trial, you can contact them directly to get their feedback.

3. Add a Chatbot to your website.

Live chat and installing chatbots are leading digital content methods.

Today, more than 41% of customers expect live chat on your website.

For customers that visit your website on a mobile device, this number is as high as 50%.

Customers would always prefer to chat with someone for their queries rather than pick up the phone to call the agent. It is much more efficient and accessible to use. You can generate leads by tracking the pages your visitors most spend time on. Then you can install these chatbots in those pages where your visitors need the most assistance.

Generate Leads for your Business


These are all the effective ways to optimize your profile to convert more and more visitors into leads. But remember, No two websites are successful by applying the same strategies. So you need to try and test by mixing and matching these tactics to see which strategy will work best for your website.

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