Strategies used by top growing companies for customer acquisition.

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Strategies Used By Top Growing Companies For Customer Acquisition!

Lead generation is no doubt a tough game. And often, Business Owners are stuck on the idea of how to generate more leads? They might know the techniques, but the process that follows seems blurry to them. 

Content marketing is one such technique. But why is content marketing so important? Content helps your potential customers to know about you and relate with you. It plays a big role in customer engagement, followed by lead generation.

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Content marketing is extremely important for building brand awareness among your prospects. 

This requires a strategy that follows consistency actually to get the results.

Now you may be wondering what sorcery goes behind content marketing and how some businesses nail it? How are they able to lure customers with their magnetic content and convert them easily into customers.

Here are how some successful businesses have used Content Marketing to boost their sales:

1. Orbit Media

Orbit media may just be a web design and development company, but their content marketing is great. Their website brings around 60,000 visits per month, and that too without zero advertisements! Their success lies in the originality of their content.

They publish content that is extensively researched and comprehensive. For example, they send out surveys every year and then curate the data in different visual formats like infographics, posts, videos, etc., to provide value to their audience.

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3. Canva

Canva, a unicorn startup, was founded in 2012, and now it has 15 million-plus users! It is a graphic design platform that helps businesses create professional and beautiful designs like infographics, blog images, posts for free. They make money by offering premium icons to use through ads.

Their winning strategy of content marketing is through user-generated content and influencer marketing.

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3. Spotify

Spotify dominates content marketing through customization. They offer customized emails and playlists to celebrate individual listening habits. This helps them to generate credibility and trust among their consumers.

In 2018, they launched their “Wrapped” Campaign, where users received a personalized list of their favourite songs they listened to all year through emails. This was quite a hit way for Spotify to engage with its users.

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These businesses provide many key takeaway points that we should include in our content marketing strategies to generate more leads. For example, delivering customized and personalized content for building relationships, giving freemium products and rolling out original content for building credibility and trust among your prospects.

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Here are 4 Content Marketing Lead Generation strategies you should adopt to boost your sales.

1. Create a buyer persona to target your ideal customer

 You need to first determine the right audience for your content and then start building your content around that. By creating a buyer persona, you include all the problems and solutions your prospect has and is searching. This will require extensive market research in your targeted industry.

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Once you have thoroughly researched your target audience, then you can start building your content around that. Always remember that you need to talk about your prospects problems and how your business helps solve them. Emphasize your products or services features and not just benefits through your content.


2. Produce eBooks, pdfs and research report to build an expert image

Once you have decided on your target audience, now you can start rolling out your content. You can produce eBooks, pdfs and research reports that provide value to your prospects.

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You need to distribute this content accordingly. Just merely producing them won’t help you generate leads. Share your blogs on your website and send out personalized messages and emails to your target audience regarding your blogs and ebooks. Don’t forget to provide proper CTA (Call to Action) in your content. That will let your audience know what to do after engaging with your content and building you as an expert image in their minds.


3. Host webinars to capture lead’s information

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You can host webinars and live sessions for your target audience regarding providing them valuable information. Similarly, you can invite them to attend your webinar by sending out personalized emails and messages.

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Don’t forget that CTA (Call to Action) plays an important role in lead generation. You have to direct your webinar attendees to a particular action before ending the webinar. You can ask them to fill up their contact details if they find your information valuable and know more about them. Through this collected information, you can now easily contact your leads and turn them into your customer.

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4. Write consumer case studies to build trust.

Building consumer case studies and testimonies are highly important for lead generation. Your previous achievements help make a positive impression on your business

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Draft well-structured case studies with relevant results and visuals of success like graphs, pie charts, screenshots, etc., to build the authenticity of your work. Try to get your current customers to give a testimony or review about your product or services online so that your prospects have easy access to them.



Inculcate these strategies in your content marketing and see the results for yourself. Remember, no two methods work the same for every business, so you need to constantly change your strategies to determine which one works best to generate more leads

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