Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generation Machine (Everything That You Need To Know)

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No wonder LinkedIn is so famous among marketers

Like other social media like Facebook or WhatsApp, you could connect on LinkedIn with your friends or other people, depending on your interests. LinkedIn is about building professional relationships. 

The number of connections is less significant than the type of relations. LinkedIn does not show your actual number of connections once you have 500 because it’s about quality, not quantity. 

LinkedIn is an essential part of a full-fledged professional in any industry these days.

 Let’s jump start into why you even need a LinkedIn profile and what purpose it serves…..

What is the purpose of a LinkedIn profile?

A profile is an outline or a short article which gives information about the person or the organisation. It is the medium for others to know about the organisation or person. 

A LinkedIn profile acts as the landing page that connects customers and recruiters when they view the information on LinkedIn. 

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It consists of the person’s name, photo, location, occupation, summary, work experience, etc. A profile includes details about job qualifications, employment history, education, skills, knowledge, volunteering, articles you have posted, and content you have commented or liked. 

A LinkedIn profile page acts as a foundation for your branding if you have a company. 

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People display their professional experiences and their achievements too. It’s essential to create a strong profile that tells people about your work experience, qualifications, etc. It must also be updated regularly.

 As a business owner, why do you need a LinkedIn Profile?

A Profile is an essential part of a LinkedIn account. Your profile is a source you can use to connect with people in your network. It is what helps you get found on LinkedIn by your potential customers.

A LinkedIn profile can increase visibility online and help the person to build their professional brand. 

For Example, the LinkedIn profile may also show up in Google search results, so if anyone looks for information about a business  or some services, they will find everything they need to know, like your business and the services you provide.

Keeping all these points in the mind, it is essential to have a completed and well coated LinkedIn profile. It doesn’t mean that you must lie in your profile. 

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Now that you’ve understood the purpose of a LinkedIn profile…..

Let’s move on to how you get started making one?

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to be found by your customers

A well-optimized LinkedIn profile is like having a better first expression.

There are few tips to optimise LinkedIn profile:

  • Completed profile: Completing every section of your profile is highly important. You want your potential customers to know everything about your business and how you can help them with your services.
  • Professional Picture: A profile picture is something that others look at first. The profile picture must be professional, and it must represent the place you work in. 

It is recommended to have the same profile picture across all social media for easy recognition. 

  • Introductory video: This is a recent feature of LinkedIn that you can use. You can add a short video to explain yourself and your business. It is found that the videos are adequate to explain and tell stories, client testimonials, etc. 
  • Customised URL: The URL must be changed after the creation of the profile, as the first generated URL has a jumbled set of letters. 

Customise your URL such that it has your name or your company’s name for easy recognition of others.  

  • Prioritise: Prioritize certain aspects of the profile for potential customers to view. 

For Example, you can have your previous achievements for clients at the top and others at the bottom so that people who look into your account can look into it.

  •   Add Social Proof: It is a fact that people trust reviews and other customers who have availed certain services. 

Social proofing means adding testimonies, case studies or number of clients and companies you’ve worked with to build a positive reputation. This will make your potential clients buy from you.

  • Build Networks: After optimising the profile, try to build your network. Try to personalise any requests sent to your target audience. 

For Example, say how you met, or comment on why you’re connecting. If you decide to send a connection request to someone who does not know you well, give context to your invite in the personal note section. 

You can mention if you’ve read a piece of their content, or have seen them speak at a conference.

  • Keep Account Updated: Update profile regularly and let people know the skills you have and what you’re good at. Every time you do something, try to update it.
  • Written Recommendations: LinkedIn allows written recommendations, so it is advisable to add some written suggestions if you have any. This also helps potential customers to know about you.
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This will help your customers easily find on LinkedIn.

Once they find you, you want them to move further and message you….

This is how that can be done.

How to write a LinkedIn profile summary that will make your prospects message you.

LinkedIn summary often acts as an essential parameter if the person uses it as a place to find a job or market business. 

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This section could be between 300-350 words and helps to optimise search, or people can use it to tell their stories. 

  •  Profile summary as the first impression: 

It is an introduction for a business owner and may consist of their necessary information. As this is on top of the page, people don’t have to scroll down to look at it.

  • Chance to say a ‘hi’:  The profile summary acts as a perfect place to tell people about your company or business. 

It is where people can let others see who you are and what you care about. You can tell people your stories of success too to attract them.

  • For search result: When people search for services, summary plays an important role. 

If the outline consists of some keywords the person is searching for, it can strengthen your search ability and help you to rise above other businesses.

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The summary section is an opportunity to showcase good stuff about you, keeping the target audience in mind. It is like giving them a chance to know about you.     

  • Strong Beginning: As LinkedIn shows only the first three lines of the summary, it must be as attractive as possible. 

It must be catchy because only then people will tend to read it. Creative Writing is the most important skill a person must have to attract people. 

  • Rich Keyword: People search for services using keywords. Search appearances below show the keywords which are explored. 

If there are no search appearances or relevant search terms, it means your profile keywords aren’t optimised. 

By this process your prospects will be highly impressed with you and would surely want to proceed.

You can now also sell them their services just using your LinkedIn profile…..

How to use the LinkedIn profile as an effective Sales Pitch?

Your potential customers are constantly searching for services that you can provide them but there is a gap between you and them. 

LinkedIn helps bridge this gap and lets you find your potential customers as well as your potential customers find you.

A well-optimized profile is essential for this reason. The shape needs to consist of your skills and knowledge about their issues.

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It can include a photo, links of the people you have worked for, references from other industry experts, many more. Therefore, a LinkedIn profile is even your online sales pitch.

The LinkedIn profile must be catchy so that it will attract the eye of potential customers and professional networkers. 

I hope this content was useful to try to complete all the parts of the LinkedIn profile. When you pitch to your target customer, you want to stand out from their competitors and that is what LinkedIn profile can help you with.

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So always try to make it more catchy, crisp, and professional. It must have all information about you as a business owner and about your company that your target customers are searching.

Always remember that you must not be snails on LinkedIn. Snails are those people who just scroll through their feeds. They are aimless and browse without liking anything. 

Instead, every time you go on LinkedIn, take a few times and like a few recent posts of your target audience in your newsfeed. Remember, whenever like others post, you are showing your connection some appreciation.

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