Zero to 30+ leads in just 1 month a Food Industry client!

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Generating leads

About Our Client

Industry: Food and Beverages Production

Farmer of Hydroponic & microgreens. Helping parents improve the health of their kids/teenagers by supplying nutritious foods.

Target Audience: Parents with kids/teenagers, Chefs, Purchase Managers and Marketing Heads of Supermarkets and Hospitality industry.

Their Business Problems

  • Less product awareness in the market
  • Not considered as an expert in the domain
  • Unable to reach out to target audience
  • Zero brand awareness among the target audience

Their Business Objectives 

  • Generate product awareness and importance among the target audience
  • Build a brand image in the their industry
  • Determine and reach out to the right target audience
  • Create an expert image among the target audience

How Brand Samosa Helped?

  • Optimized their social media from scratch 
  • Built a content marketing strategy focusing on educating the audience about the product.
  • Extensively posted and distributed content on benefits and solutions of the selling product to enlighten the need.
  • Analysed and targeted industry specific prospects to generate leads
  • Engaging with target audience through content to build relationship with potential customers
  • Created educating content to build an expert image in the industry.
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Results We Achieved

Our client was generating 0 leads before working with us as their product and brand was unknown in the market. But after we built their brand, we were able to generate 30+ leads in just 1 month.

By building their social media presence, their profile views, followers and connections on LinkedIn also increased.

Profile views increased by 47%

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Connections Increase by 38%

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Followers increased by 35%

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